Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose: End The Discomfort Once And For All

A stuffy and runny nose can be quite bothering for a person. It can also be quite annoying, frustrating and messy. Moreover, a stuffy nose can also get in the way of your day-to-day activities. Congestion in sinus can be caused because of many different reasons. You may be suffering from an allergy, sinusitis, common cold or other such problems.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

Young Man with a Cold

Although identifying the root cause of the problem can be very helpful, there are also some general remedies you can use to get relief from a stuffy nose. There are many people who don’t want to use drugs or medications to get relief from a stuffy nose. Such people focus on natural remedies. In this post, we have discussed some of the most effective natural remedies to get rid of a stuffy nose.

How To Get Rid Of Stuffy/Blocked Nose

1. Make Your Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

Although it sounds difficult, it is very easy to make your very own nasal spray. You don’t need any sort of expertise or skills. You can mix a glass of warm water with just a teaspoon of salt. Before spraying it into your nose, you need to tilt your head back slightly. Pour a few drops of water into just one nostril with a dropper. Once you’ve inhaled the water through your nostril, you should rest your head back for about 10 seconds. You will feel the mucus discharge coming out of the clogged nostril. You can repeat the same for your other nostril.

2. Nasal Irrigation

Nasal Irrigation

This is one of the most effective natural ways to get away with stuffy nose. This is the best method if you don’t want to use any drugs or medications. You can use a very effective neti pot. It is not very difficult. A neti pot will help thin the mucus discharge and clear your nasal passages by flushing it out.

3. Eat Spicy Foods

Eat Spicy Foods

At times, eating spicy foods can also help you get relief from a stuffy nose. Some of the good examples include horseradish or wasabi, chili and other spicy herbs. These foods can provide some temporary relief from a stuffy or runny nose. As the spiciness of food you ate wears off, you may once again feel your nose to be stuffy or runny. You can also gather more information on the Internet about various spicy foods used as decongestants.

4. Ginger


Ginger root is one of the most effective herbs to cure a stuffy nose. According to most studies and researches, Ginger contains a lot of anti inflammatory properties. Ginger can easily reduce the inflammation and swelling in your nasal passages.

5. Steam And Hot Bath

Just like a humidifier, steam can help reduce the dryness in your body. When you take a steam bath, you are better likely to get an instant relief from blocked nasal passages. While taking steam, you should take deep breaths to inhale vapor.

6. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

In case your stuffy nose has been caused by common cold, you should take lemon juice. Lemon juice will keep your body hydrated. It also contains a lot of antibiotic properties and Vitamin C. They can boost your immune system and cure your problem quickly.

7. Other Natural Foods

Natural Foods

Most people don’t realize, but certain foods which are easily available in the kitchen can be quite handy to get rid of a stuffy nose. You should take garlic cloves as they can easily strengthen your immune system. Honey can also be quite effective to help you get rid of a stuffy nose. There are many people who consider honey with green tea to be a good choice for clearing nasal passages. Honey can also be taken with lemon juice. Even onions can help you freshen up a stuffy nose.

8. Avoid Dairy Products 

Avoid Dairy Foods

If you don’t want the problem to get worse, you should avoid dairy products. Although it may be just a myth, but many doctors suggest that milk and the other dairy products are likely to cause congestion in the nasal passages. While this data is a bit speculative, it is not worth taking a risk.


These were only some of the natural remedies for getting rid of a stuffy nose. There are many other ways to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, and your nose does not remain blocked. You can search the Internet for more information or visit a medical professionals suggesting natural remedies.


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